Found on the roads outside of Durango- pastels

Found in a box full of photographs- oil paints

This is a broken down barn I found in Grand Mesa- pastels

Farmers Market #2- Farmers Market in Boston- watercolor and gauche on Yupo paper

Saturday afternoon in Central Park- from a visit to Central Park- oil paints

Found in a ghost town in Wyoming- pastels

Farmers Market- Farmers Market in Boston- watercolor pencils and prismacolor

Working Hard or Hardly Working?- this is my niece taking a break at one of my in-law's farms- oil paints


The beauty of new places and experiences.- just a few examples

I photograph 75% of the things I paint.  At other times, I pull them off of friend's Facebook pages or images off the internet.  I work in wax pencil, pastels, oil paint and acrylics.  Right now, I am experimenting in watercolor

Flower Market-  this was at a flower market in Beaune, France- acrylic paints


I found this image on the internet and added the person on the bench.  It represents how some people can see the beautiful world in from of them, or they can focus on the empty seat next to them- oil paints