Done for my husband, who s a home brewer

Ideas for the Korth Family Reunion tshirts

Done for someone who started a childrens' line of books

Done for tshirts for a girls' weekend.  Yes, it's tacky because it' supposed to be tacky

Done for tshirts for a drug tour of Denver done by an anti-drug non-profit.

These 2 logos for Wrapsody were done for someone starting a clothing line

Graphic Design

I get the opportunity to develop images, marketing, and graphics for people

My background is in graphic design, so I get the opportunity to help people with their business or with gifts or advertisements.  I began my career in graphic design working for a media company.  On a lark one day almost 30 years ago, I designed a half-ass logo for a retail store for an advertisement.  they have now grown to several locations and use that tacky logo on all their delivery trucks to this day.  Wish I was more proud of that logo


Done for my husband, who would like to have his own brewery one day